Building Culture and Growth in Teams

At Slim.AI, we strive to build a unique and highly progressive, modern, purpose-built organization where our culture, business objectives, how we work, our operation and capabilities are perfectly matched to fulfill our mission.

Slim.AI’s Head of Culture, Jillian Hufnagel (@JRH) and community strategy expert, Jono Bacon (@jonobacon), dig deep into building culture and growth in teams. Read more and listen to the interview below:

@JRH had a talk accepted at the Open Source Summit in October 2021, so we used this as an opportunity to get the band back together and invite @jonobacon to join us on a SlimDevOps Twitch live stream to discuss team culture, community and authenticity in open source projects and organisations. Here’s the video of that stream which serves as a taster for the talk Jillian gave at OSS:

And here is Jillian’s talk, in full, that was recorded during OSS 2021: How do you get your culture of contribution and inclusivity right, right away?

How are you creating a culture of contribution and inclusion in your organisation or project(s)? We’d love to hear examples from you and learn together.