Diff'ing Container Images with Slim.AI

Back in July 2021, we wrote about an extremely useful feature in the Slim.AI developer platform; the ability to explore and diff (or compare) container images. Here’s the original article, written by @slim-psv, that focuses on the usefulness of this capability to diff “fat” containers and the “slim” versions minified using DockerSlim.

Since the introduction of container diff’ing in the Slim.AI Developer Platform, the feature has been enhanced and it is now possible to diff/compare container images from different publishers, even when published in different container registries. The value of this capability was recently highlighted by Ivan Velichko on Twitter:

Ivan goes on to talk about reluctance when adding new tools to his workflow as it’s yet another dependency and extra time investment. At Slim.AI we’re focused on reducing developer friction and improving developer experience, so we’re naturally delighted that the Slim.AI Developer Platform passed Ivan’s high standards and is now part of his toolset :tada:

And the reason?

[Slim.AI] can really help me start with the right image faster.

Ivan goes on to explain that his old workflow would have been to fetch and compare images locally, but he can now use Slim.AI to do it in the browser as Slim.AI connects developers to many container registries from one place. Ivan posted this screenshot that excellently demonstrates how he used Slim.AI container diff to compare containers of httpbin from different publishers.

Have you connected your Slim.AI account to multiple registries yet? We invite you to follow our Quick Start guide and give container diff a try. As you can see, it’s not just useful for seeing the changes that happened while optimising containers but also for helping select the best images to work with.

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback about this feature. Was it useful to you? What problem did it help solve? How could it be improved?