Growth and Gratitude: Slim.AI Series A Announcement

In the words of our CEO @johnnyslim “We are humbled and honored to announce that Slim.AI has raised a $31M Series A. It’s a great testament to our team, our community, and our mission to help developers create cloud-native apps with less friction and risk.”

You can learn more about this Series A announcement on our blog.

We are sincerely grateful to the tens of thousands of developers who use our open-source software DockerSlim and the Slim.AI SaaS platform every day. Your interaction and involvement in our community, the feedback you share, and your creative ideas for new features and tools help fuel our innovation.

Also, you might enjoy the superb animation made by @samj on our design team :sunglasses:

As we pursue our mission with increased speed and unwavering commitment, what are the features you are most keen to see come to the Slim.AI platform?

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